Who Are The Cosmic Cowgirls?

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Cosmic Cowgirls is a worldwide tribe of creative beings exploring the mysteries of the universe together. We are creating a culture of intentional inquiry and creativity that transform lives into legends!

As a community we offer revolutionary education online, on-the-road and onsite at our studio space and gallery in Healdsburg, California as well as at our ranch, Terra Sophia in Mendocino County. We also gather together in Red Thread Circle monthly to connect, explore and tell our stories. We have an annual gathering in which we explore the themes and stories we are working with in our lives.

Founded in 2006, Cosmic Cowgirls, is a woman and girl owned LLC discovering new ways of working together to create sustainable models of business that honors who we are as creatives and moves from a place of the heart.

The studio will be open for visits 3 days a week starting in August. Feeling sparked by the coSmsos of our tribe, consider taking a class to see what it’s all about.

But who are we really?

We’re bad ass mystics. Wild artists. Rogue poets.
Priestessess gone wrong.

Guides to the unknown. Keepers of the gate.
Members of a girl gang.
Revolutionaries for lost causes.
Unreasonable lovers of this life.

We are Storytellers.  Legend Makers.
We are Cosmic Cowgirls.
We are women who walk between the worlds.

With one foot in the stars and the other foot on the earth!

Image by Jenafer Joy
Image by Jenafer Joy


Expectation is a trap I set for myself.


by Annette Wagner, M.A.

Expectation is a pinnacle point of achievement. A place far beyond where I live – always. I know this pattern well. It was conditioned into me as a child through the teachings of a father who thought making money was the only answer to success. And when he couldn’t make that formula work for himself, he pushed it out onto his children. His legacy.

Expectation is insidious.

It sneaks in when I let down my guard. It is a constant battle I no longer have any desire to engage in. When I focus my energy on doing something, when I engage with that doing energy, expectation rolls right in and sets up shop. If you are going to do X, then this is how high you need to jump. Oh, and by the way, the bar is high enough you will never reach it. Ever.

When there is an expectation of being successful, making money, winning the game AND the expectation is set out of sync with what can actually be accomplished, then the trap is sprung. I am never good enough because I can never reach up high enough to to achieve that expectation. I fail and this so-called failure fulfills the prophecy of the story of expectation: I am “not be good enough” yet again.

Except every expectation I set that is out of sync
with what I can truly accomplish is false.
How do I know this?

Ask yourself…
What IS an expectation?

Maybe its a goal you set for yourself. Or an ideal of behavior you reach for. Or a project you want to accomplish. Expectations are tied to something you want or have to do. When I achieve X, I fulfill expectations others have of me, that I have of myself. This is good. I succeed, win, feel good because I have made everyone happy including myself. Yes?

When I was younger, an expectation was something always out of reach. Something I always strove for but never quite achieved. I drove myself to be something or do something and yet never truly felt satisfied when I got there. Because before I got there, when I began to even get a little bit close, I moved the expectation higher and further out of reach. If I can do X then I should be able to do Y.

In my twenties, I realized I how I allowed this pattern to run my life and strove to bring the pattern into balance. One of the ways I did this was to change how I approached life by applying the philosophy of doing my best. Whatever I was about to do, I told myself I would do my best whatever that might be for today.

Tomorrow I might learn something that meant I could have done today better and that’s ok. Doing my best is not about beating myself up when I learn something tomorrow telling me I could have done what I did today better. Doing my best is about doing my best right now, right here. What I learn tomorrow can be applied on another day.

Having a strong driver as part of my personality, this philosophy of doing my best worked very well for most of my life. It kept my expectations in balance. I learned to allow myself to achieve my expectations and to feel happy, successful and fulfilled when I reached them.

Living Life on Your Own Terms by Annette Wagner, 2014.

The last eight years of my life have centered around transformation. These days I am happy to say I am truly ME – a wild, crazy, beautiful, artist woman. I am happy. I am a working artist. I have fulfilled dreams I never even had on the expectation list. I am no longer the person who needs this philosophy of “best” to keep her expectations from running her life.

I didn’t really notice this fundamental shift until very recently. My critic, of course, noticed immediately. Over the last year, my critic has been using the expectation pattern to make me to feel guilty about everything from not pursuing every opportunity to “get my art out there” or to “make money” or to “run my own business” or to “teach workshops.”

Worse, my critic has been niggling at me about my work in the world. Continually asking me what my work in the world is and when will I start doing it. As a result, I’ve felt very unsettled and as if I am not doing something I should be doing. Instead of being satisfied with what I am doing in the world, with the creations coming into form under my pen and brush, with the relationships I have with those I love, the critic pokes at them again and again. Pushing for more, telling me there is more I should be doing.

Well, I woke up one morning recently and started pulling out the threads my critic has been weaving because I knew something needed untangling, unraveling and reweaving. It just did not feel right in my heart. I started by acknowledging where I am in my life TODAY. 

I am in a loving happy relationship. I create every day. I share my art almost every day. I work in the Intentional Creativity movement. I am an Art Doctor for those moving through transformation via painting. I teach and paint and am a portal for spirit. I write my stories and lessons and share them.  I am raising a wonderful daughter. I am surrounded by a tribe of folks who love and support me and kick my butt as needed.

Which raises a very interesting point. Why is it that when we reach a place in which our dreams are taken form, that we continue to sabotage ourselves with old patterns? Because this is exactly what my critic is attempting to do. Think about it….

What exactly “should I be doing?”

Where does my critic get off telling me
I should be doing anything at this point in my life?

My critic is trying to set expectations again. Critics are like that, they hang on to old patterns like 5 year olds with tattered baby blankets and broken toys. Its terrifying to let go of these old patterns for the critic because oh my if we don’t have that pattern what might happen? The world might change or implode or, or, something!

Which means it’s time to turn this pattern on edge and empty it out. To pull the plug on false expectations. To release the old pattern of doing my best. To take the tattered blanket away form the critic and bring in the Muse to counter the tears and wailing. To transform this entire idea of expectations and doing my best and instead ask something entirely different: 

What is wanted?

This inquiry came to me from a very good friend. I can tell it’s powerful because of how hard it is for me to work with. I wrote the words down on paper and sent them to myself in email. Why? Because my critic keeps wanting to change the wording to: what needs to be done – which is a way for expectation to sneak back in. Critics are little sneaks sometimes when they do not want to let go of a pattern.

“What is wanted?” comes from a very different place than “what needs to be done?”

Think about it. The second inquiry assumes I can do something and that I will do something. The first inquiry assumes nothing. There is no doing associated with it at all. And therefore no expectation. Anything or nothing or something might happen. Whatever the answer is, is ok. Inquires are portals and this one has a beautiful expansiveness to it.

Asking what is wanted opens a doorway for Spirit to walk in. And so, once again, I embrace transformation. I release expectation. I let go of “doing my best” as my protection against the beast of expectations. I call in the Muse to counter the critic. I lean on trust. And I ask again,

What is wanted?

 * * *

Annette is the host of Paint Where You Are Sundays, an honoring and continuation of the studio painting days that our Art Matriarch, Sue Hoya Sellars ran when she was with us. If you have been painting with us in the Intentional Creativity movement or with Cosmic Cowgirls and want to join us for the day in the fabulous Cosmic Cowgirls Studio in Healdsburg, our next painting day is August 23rd. All the details are right here!

* * *

annette-ocean-bioAnnette Wagner, M.A., is a Visionary Artist, Color of Woman Intentional Creativity teacher, and Art Doctor.  She paints Contemporary Symbolism and watercolor sumi-e paintings. She works extensively with metaphor, symbol, and color. She is also the Managing Editor of the Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine and staff at Shiloh Sophia Studios

Annette studied with American Master painter Sue Hoya Sellars and has a Masters in Women’s Spirituality  from Sofia University. Her background includes over 25 years of hi-tech experience including 21 patents. She is owned by her dancing daughter, two cat beings, the man of her heart, and her Muse. You can view her artwork and read more about Annette

Your Legend is even more True than Your Life

Note from the Editor: This article was first published in 2013, but we love this one so much we are sharing with you again.

Conversations In Going Deeper

Conversations in Going Deeper
Musing on Legend

As often happens, percolating on an article, I encountered three quotes…and at their intersection – exactly what I would like to talk to you about today – which is this:
Your Legend is even more True than Your Life.


I’ll start explaining by hoisting up my first quote by Isabel Allende who began a 2007 Tales of Passion Ted talk by saying, “There’s a Jewish saying that I love. What is truer than truth? Answer: The story.” And she went on to say, “I’m a storyteller. I want to convey something that is truer than truth about our common humanity.

If you are an avid reader or story yarn weaver this may seem obvious to you. Because it is the storied versions of our life that we hold and share as we walk into our future. The way the bowl and window shattered on impact when that one relationship fell apart. The way the acupuncturist said my body was like a colander with all the herbs pouring through the holes instead of nourishing me. How ultimately shaving my head as I entered the business world was a more true expression of grieving than words. We hold our history in storied images and weave our connections in the sharing.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 5.14.52 PM
In another Ted Talk (I went on a Ted run while cleaning my office in a vain search for my passport) I found my second quote from another storyteller, Amy Tan, who said:

“I believe in specifics, the specifics of story, and the past… I also believe that in thinking about things — luck, and fate, and coincidences and accidents, God’s will, and the synchrony of mysterious forces — I will come to some notion…of my role. Where I am in the universe, and did somebody intend for me to be that way, or is it just something I came up with? And I also can find that by imagining fully, and becoming what is imagined…that is how I find particles of truth, not the absolute truth, or the whole truth…all possibilities including those I never considered before. So, there are never complete answers. Or rather, if there is an answer, it is to remind myself that there is uncertainty in everything, and that is good, because then I will discover something new.”

from Retrieve
The quote is a bit obtuse, but I’ll simply suggest that the thread to take is when we really wade into story, we let go of knowing how that story turns out. Like the storywalking terrain shown in the images above where a companion seeks help from the moon, but emotional power cannot help, and from the sun, but the intellect doesn’t have the answers, so finally he visits wisdom who from the dirt under his fingernails creates two creatures who know just what to do. Doesn’t that sound so much MORE like a part of your life where you searched and searched for the answers and they weren’t in the normal places and then finally you were blessed by the ‘dirt under your nails’ (the just living)? Yes. So true. So perhaps what Amy Tan is saying is that good stories allow for ambiguity, and crafting them with uncertainty can show us new meanings.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.54.26 PM

Cosmic Cowgirls holds “Legend” as our Holy Grail. The crafted story of how you ongoingly choose to tell the story of you. Which parts to accent and which to leave out? But there is one final important distinction – also my third quote, which I found in an article on The Reality of the Fairy Tale by Helen Pilinovsky:

“Thanks to the changes in the old tales made first by Victorian editors, and then by modern film–makers, “fairy tale endings” are now associated with unrealistic, inhuman flawlessness and situations in which everything, however improbably, goes right…The original purpose of folk stories was not only to entertain but to teach: to show listeners that they were not alone, to communicate societal attitudes towards topics deemed unspeakable in open society, and to present possible solutions through the metaphor of magic.”

And that brings it all together – Stories of ourselves, our “Legend” allow us to find the autobiographical thread of truth. To explore the ambiguity and open to larger truths and meaning. And when done with full permission to include the messy, vulnerable and taboo, our legend gives us new possible solutions – “magic” answers which would not be available in our normal everyday ordinary world. Crafting our Legend becomes not only a holy grail but an alchemical cauldron in which to become our own answers.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 12.27.27 PM

  • What is one experience from your history that you particularly carry in story form?
  • What stories do you tell the most? the least?
  • What symbols have been showing up in your life recently and how might you make them a part of your legend?

Photo on 3-8-14 at 9.24 AM #3Brimming with the quirky enthusiasm that prompted her nom de plume, Jenafer Joy rides bareback at the center of a Creativity Revolution. Using every trick in (and out) of the book – vibrant paintings, whimsical writings, and an unwavering faith in every person’s innate intuitive genius – it is impossible to spend time in her presence and not fall in love with yourself, with the whispering of your muse and with Jena’s heartfelt and contagious love of the creative life. Jena has been in the healing & creative arts leading Inspired Inquiry courses since 2003. And she had the joy of five years at the helm of the Cosmic Cowgirl Community as one of  directors from 2010-2015. You can see everything she’s up to on her website and can always find her paintings and a ridiculous pile up of journal pages on Facebook at The Art of Jenafer Joy.

Join Jenafer Joy for her painting and Inquiry course: Rattle the Lids.


I let myself out of my cage + changes afootz with our community

DANCER of the RELEASING BLOCKS - What is in between you and what you desire -Dancing the Spheres
I let myself out of my cage.
I saw the door
for the first time
and I just stepped out.
It was so easy!
It’s so beautiful out here!
Surprised at my sudden freedom
I looked back
to see that open door
and the structure in
which it was housed.
But it was already gone.
Stunned I wondered,
was it me the whole time?
Nobody put me there,
no jailer but my own self?
Ha! I wanted to cry
but instead I started laughing.
In that laughing
remembered what I forgot
so long ago: Who I am.

~ Shiloh Sophia


Dear Ones of the Cosmic Cowgirls Tribe,

This is your very own Chief Laughing Cloud here with a message of changes afootz :)

One of the things I LOVE about our community is that we move as the muse moves and as our lives move. We don’t run on a traditional plan, but we run towards and from where we feel called. This may be based on the moon, the season, mercury retrograde, life changes, marriages, babies, moves to the mountain, deaths and births and desires shifting. Sometimes when we think of ‘company’ like ours we think it should be ‘a way’. But it isn’t.

Each time around the sun we sit in red thread circle and ask,
what wants to happen now?
What are you seeing?
What do we need and want?
The community shares their voices and leadership does our best to charts the course for the year…it is always exciting and new territory – while tapping into the strong foundation we have built for almost ten years as a community and company.

And we follow that new thread of the wild muse whether it seems to make sense or not. We move from the spark of inspiration not only sense of duty.  Then sometimes we course correct and redirect and begin to see what was actually being revealed to us. And our members let us know – here’s what I need and we do our best to respond to that through our private member channels.

After our annual Cosmic Cowgirls gathering in 2015 we made some changes that are starting to show up now – we got new call leaders (YAE!), we shifted our focus to Legend Weaving, a theme near and dear to our actual culture, leadership shifted, new team members were added and we moved towards a new way of communicating with our community. We are moving less with ‘blogging’ for others who might be interested in our content, an outward brand, and more towards serving the voices and needs within our own community, who we already are. Hence, the magazine is shifting as these moves come into place. If you have questions, you know where to reach me. If you have ideas, you know where to reach me.

For the month of July our leadership and our cosmic mothership are on a sabbatical of sorts as we reset our course and add in the new coordinates for where we are headed now.

It’s exciting. It’s scary. The cage is gone and freedom is affootz.

Stay tuned as changes continue to reveal themselves like lightning bolts in the dark.

~ Chief Laughing Cloud


Courageous Love by Danna Clare

Cosmic Cowgirl Round-Up: Stella Mac with Danna Clare

Round Up Header

We are thrilled to start our new monthly column that focuses on YOU the fabulous members of our Cosmic Cowgirl community. Last month you met Jennifer Bowers, Rachel Bavis and Tina Greene who so lovingly said yes to hosting our monthly Cowgirl calls for the rest of this year and you also met Danna Clare who generously offered to host a column that’s all about you, our beloved Cowgirls to share about what you are creating in your life and in your communities. 

So we thought a wonderful way to begin this new adventure is to talk to Danna and get to know what she is creating in the world and we would love for you to be bold and audacious and contact Danna at to share your stories in our monthly Cosmic Cowgirls Round-Up.  ~ Stella Mac

I feel very excited to introduce you to Danna Clare who has been a Cosmic Cowgirl since 2012 as I keep telling her she’s the gift that keeps on giving! Her knowledge, talents, skills, wisdom, love and generosity seem never ending. I love being in conversation with her on any subject as I end up feeling better and learning something new – definitely one of my favourite combos for a great conversation.

Danna is excited and eager to begin to connect with you each month and share stories about the women who are part of this outrageous Tribe. But first I wanted to have the conversation with Danna so you could get to know her and also to find out why this connections is so important for her

One of the many garments Danna wears is working with women to create their web presences through her business, a visionary web biz.

Danna Clare Image

StellaMac: Danna, I’m going to ask the bold question: what called you as the writer and artist I know you are to work with women to get on-line, when great swathes of people are moving away from technology out of overwhelm?

Danna: When I write it’s about our paths to consciousness, our archetypal patterns – and a website above all to me is a threshold, a claiming- one of those places on the journey where if you take one step further you will encounter that ferocious three headed dog guarding the path and growling at you: who are you anyway, what do you have to offer, and what makes you think it’s worthy?

So through that, there’s a witnessing that occurs when you step over into a different space of who you are in the world and take the leap, because when others see that there is a potential healing of those questions through their acknowledging who you are now.

Pleiades by Danna Clare
Pleiades Intuition by Danna Clare

But to do it- all your fears and doubts will probably rise again, even though you may have claimed yourself as an artist, a teacher, a wise counselor – able to throw off the bondage of the overculture and be who you are give what you give, STILL when it comes time to claim it as publicly as in a forum that houses some 180 million websites and a world of viewers? This takes you into another level! I thrive on working with my sisters who are ready to throw off those chains and take that step into their next evolution. 

StellaMac: I love this Danna because for me when I’m coaching women I talk about creating our websites is moving through the fear of being visible to claiming your voice, your space and to create their biznesses within a feminine paradigm of coming from their essential selves.

Danna: And it’s one of those rites of passage that if you do it in an intentional, creative way makes you do the real work, the true work that digs in and says: this is who I am now, I may change, I’ll grow, but right now I’m here. I’m doing this and I may make mistakes about what I want about how I work even about who I serve. But I’m here doing it —with you and our community. And in my book our community is key here!

StellaMac – And mine girlfriend! That IS the feminine paradigm, you’re working it in the world.

Danna: Yes, I feel it’s us rising into a larger feminine consciousness through our work in the world. We don’t wait for a publisher. An art critic. A company to pick us out of a range of applicants. We go directly to those who resonate with us. We find like-minded women around the globe to interact with and share our gifts, services, wisdom. And we can do it, like me living on a boat part of the year, for others traveling the world, while following our individual paths, we still can run a business. This is a freedom many of us dream of. But mostly an opportunity to connect and share.

This is what many of us as Cowgirls, artists, and certainly Color of Woman teachers are doing and spreading the word:

that we’re all worthy,
that we all have something to share that’s valuable to each other,
to witness,
to be healed in some capacity through our work together.

Archetypal Awakenings by Danna Clare
Archetypal Awakenings by Danna Clare

StellaMac: This sounds fabulous when you put it that way. So why all the ‘damn technology’ blocks in your opinion?

Danna: Because when you claim power you’re tested of course! Your Saboteur or what some call our mean girl is going to poke you in the chest and say,

“You don’t know where to begin!
You can’t do this!
You can’t control when to turn it off!”

And then we say: “Who says? I’m doing it anyway.”

StellaMac: And this is where you come in!

Danna: Yes. I think we’re held back by self-imposed limitations here more than almost anywhere else when it comes to our work in the world. Internet overwhelm is a myth. You control the whole experience – in fact, its the only medium on the planet really where you have so much choice about how you choose to spend your time being informed, entertained, or in community. And the real secret is – you cannot keep up with technology, so I’d invite all of us to release that right now! It moves too fast. So work with someone who can give you the right tools, a designer so you can have the beauty your spirit craves and the authenticity your soul demands – and then go for it!

StellaMac: What do you want to share with us in terms of where some of us may be and how we can make space for more of what we want in terms of technology?

Danna: We all come to readiness for launching a web business or something we’re passionate about at different times, there’s no one size fits all. But the first step I’d say about internet overwhelm is to spend an hour or two with your inbox, in my class coming in the fall I talk about being the “Queen of Your Domain” and teach how to put up your website, the first step is surveying the realm, and the gateway to that realm is your inbox!

Take a look at who is in your village: are people clamoring endlessly for your attention in a way that triggers you? Hawking their wares? Are there people there you don’t even recognize? OR does your village have the local alchemist and herbalist, the wise woman, the trio playing on the corner, the seat by the fountain that nourishes you when you go there to read? The first thing to do is use the almighty unsubscribe.

Remove what isn’t serving you, in order to make room for the connections that DO. That’s the power. Not to just remove yourself from hearing from and connecting with everyone else, but to take the time to gather and cultivate the right community sending to you and to interact with them so that everyone can benefit, share, and be nourished by the kind of fabulous women we know in a community like this one!

Courageous Love by Danna Clare
Courageous Love by Danna Clare

And we’re creating here the first step in this direction through the Round Up!

Every month, meet the sister you want to know better, join her cause, invite her to yours – collaborate, share: don’t go it alone. Her message might arrive just when you need it the most Cowgirl Sisters! You are invited to this Cosmic Round-Up and I truly want you to contact me so we can tell your story. I would LOVE to hear from you.

StellaMac: Thank you so much Danna for your generous offering of the Round Up and for sharing your wisdom and for the beautiful imagery you have created with your words. And I know from personal experience both with myself and those women I coach the magic that you create in bringing our essence into our web presence – thank you. And I look forward to learning more about our fabulous and brilliant Cowgirls in your monthly column.

Again if you would like to be featured in our newsletter and magazine please contact Danna Clare at

Love, love, love you all and over the moon to be in this Tribe.


* * *

img_3475Mary MacDonald, aka StellaMac, is the Countess of Curiosity and the Queen of Questions whose Muse prods, cajoles and believes in her without condition. She gives new meaning to the word versatile. For the past 30 years she has boldly gone forth in the not for profit, artistic, educational and for profit worlds where she has used her extraordinary relationship building skills to achieve success for her Beloveds in marketing, fundraising, public relations, communications, training and development, and writing.

chocolate and the muse

Peanut Butter for the Muse

chocolate and the muse

Does your Muse like chocolate?
Dark or light? Deep or creamy?
Hard or soft serve?

If you don’t know the answer to this question
you may consider taking two actions.

1. Check out my last livestream video class of the Summer
called Chocolate for the Muse (Friday May 22)

2. Read the poem below to get a taste for what I am talking about.

Dear Ones,

Your Muse is so much more than a quirky part of your creative personality coming out on certain days. She holds the keys to your genius, but, she often requires things like Chocolate (dark), or in my case, Peanut Butter (chunky). Lighting her fuse changed my life – it got me looking at things from such a surprising perspective.

Wherever you are on your journey in this moment I am sending a nudge towards lighting your creative fire. I know when those sparks fly we are so much more able to navigate everything that shows up on our path….


Peanut Butter for the Muse

Who is that peaking out from behind the veil?
Winking in the darkness
with the eyes you only sometimes use
She wants to know

Do you dare encounter the Muse?

A word of warning: Don’t look at her with a direct gaze
She may flee from you into her own place
Leaving trails of feathers, the scent of truffles or a storm
and always the air of lady mystery

She uses your secret names to call you
as she rises to the surface of form
But to where is she calling you? To the place she dwells
You ask the address, but she refuses and sighs

Another time perhaps…we do have work to do

Many years could go by before that winking blinks again
When you see her blinking into the space between spaces
Blink Blink Blink Wink Wink
Pay attention as the time of arrival is near this place

Will you come this time and mystery dive?

Should you be worried, you wonder
Well, yes, she quips You could even be scared to life!
Having Muse eyes creates different lives

Don’t ask what will happen or how long it will take
or if you will survive this near miss
Instead risk everything for this
A soul is enlightened by the Muse’s kiss

If you lose her trail again,
there are things you can do to woo her,
but don’t tell her I told you this:

   Ask her what she likes, what she really really likes

My Muse likes to consume my fear with
a chunky peanut butter ball on a bit of dark chocolate.
I leave it for her here
on the drawing board next to a stack of blank paper
Then I listen with the other ears within
and pick up the pen and begin
As I hear her cry out to the starry sky:

Where or where shall I take her?

I wrote this for my Color of Woman students
so they could get to know the philosophy of the Muse better.
Here’s what happened after she heard the poem 

She told me while she appreciated my offering
of poetry, chocolate and peanut butter
I hadn’t gotten it right at all
Although I have heard her say
That nothing is about getting right. 

She said I may have led people astray even further.
But since she is at times a trickster
I decided to ask her a few questions. 

I started with where she lives. This is the answer I got:
I will tell you where I work but not where I live.
That’s personal.
I work from a chair, lacquer red
That is situated at the
Back of your heart on a gimble. 

My lover, who was listening in,
Said – Ah so your muse is
Dimensionally agnostic. 

Yes she said.
Finally you have said something relevant.
Want more from me? get to the canvas
and I will show you what’s next. 

She can be that way, my Muse,
She likes to catch me off guard and if I don’t
take it too personally, we can laugh about it.

At other times she is as gentle as a snowy owl
wrapping me in her feathered cape in total darkness
This all so that I can see better. 

Shiloh Sophia


Chocolate for the Muse
LIVE Friday May 22, 11-4pm


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 “There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision.
The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged
in furthering the evolution of consciousness
has a quality impossible to describe.”
~ Teilhard de Chardin ~

Cafe this morning called me from a deep sleep. In the dream I was disconnected from myself and my reality, for just a flash, and I was scared enough to wake up.

I realized just how much I depend on my connections, my well being is literally woven with my husband, family and community in such an intricate pattern of beauty, revolution and possibility. That sense of not being connected stirred me and disturbed me and reminded me of one of my earliest desires as child.
I wanted women to know that they were not alone.
Even as a child I saw that this sense of isolation was truly damaging and causing fear – I saw this in the women my family helped in the women’s movement. I felt then, as I feel now, we may not be able to end world hunger or war, but we can end the sense of isolation with our choices and how we choose to be in community and how we educate those who are isolated to ‘tune in’ to the quantum field of love we are holding. And that this over time, can and will change our experience of isolation. Our belief that no one is like us, that we are all alone in our experience and that we have to do it alone can actually be eliminated.

I have a sensual longing,
something visceral and primal calling me to gather us together.
To remind us we are not alone.
To show us how to gather others.
This is not something I just choose,
it is something within that calls out from inside me.
I call the capacity to respond to this – the red thread of connection.

I am so hope you sign up for The Red Thread Circle training, which is a simple form of gathering that can happen both in person, on the phone, and even through an online post like this one. If you have been journeying with me for a while, the chances are one of my Red Thread letters came to you at a time when you needed connection. I write them FOR that reason, and because I need to connect with you – for my well being as well. There is a reciprocity to our connection, an exchange of light and love that is as real as you sitting in your chair right now reading this. We can feel the impact of it if we choose to – or block it. It is there whether we choose to feel it and receive the benefit of the blessing.

If you pause, with me, and connect in the quantum way through connection, can you feel my love extending all the way to you in this non-time based moment? It is here. It is real. And we can teach it and share it. Easily. If we choose to show up for it, but I will teach you more about that when we gather!
The Global Red Thread Circle Training is designed to make an offering, from our communities to yours. To show you the very basics of how to call your own Red thread circles in your life. It isn’t hard really, but with some basic structure and information you can transform a simple ritual into a profound transformation because of the power held within intentional creation. I am be joined by Cosmic Cowgirls and the Color of Woman Graduates, called the Red Thread Nation, in offering you this experience.
The live portion of the class was recorded May 13, but you can watch it for up to 30 days after. Consider calling a Red Thread Circle in your own home or school that day. Men, women and children are welcome to join us. You can share the invitation and ideas with them at 

This event was inspired and launched at my recent visit to the United Nations where I actually got to lead a Red Thread Circle there – it was incredible.
For many of us, May 1, Beltane, May Day and the Full MOOOOOON is a sacred time and it is in this energy of connection and sharing love that I am extending a red thread to you right now. Honoring our connections. Trusting that those who are supposed to be connected will be. I do have a deep sense of trust in this – that if we are willing to show up for the connection, we can follow the red thread where it leads and trust that journey…and I do.

May love be at the center of all choices.  ~ Maestra Shiloh Sophia